I’m Fran Guijarro,

I’ve repeatedly visited more than 60 countries for more than 30 years

I have a degree in Advertising, a Master in Social Media Management, Advertising Creativity and i’m expert in Travel Consulting, Exploration “Off the beaten path”, Location Management, Photography, Video Production, SuperSlow Motion, Super8, Canon 5D, 360º VR Tours, Web Design, UX / UI Consulting, Content Writing, Branding, …

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  • Entrepreneur
  • Filmmaker & Storyteller
  • “Off the beaten path” Explorer
  • Skier, Surfer & Stakeboarder
  • Travel Consultant
  • Hotels + Resorts + Spas Marketing
  • Location Manager / +60 countries
  • Photographer / Canon 5D
  • Expert Web Designer
  • UX / UI Consultant
  • WordPress Developer
  • Video editing / Premiere
  • Layout and Printing / InDesign
  • Accurate Copywriter
  • Branding Expert / Illustrator
  • Creative director

60 countries thoroughly traveled

Achievements …

  • I have founded my own advertising studio more than 16 years ago
  • I have created two successful tech startups and a renewable energy company
  • I have worked for more than 40 top-level European companies
  • I have studied Advertising and Public Relations at the best University in Spain
  • I have found the woman of my life
  • I have raised two boys ages 9 and 13 and have spent a lot of time with them
  • I have built a mud house for my family in the Siwa Oasis in Egypt
  • I have invested my savings to have some freedom
  • I have gone to the cinema at least once a week since I started working
  • I have used the bicycle every day as the main means of transportation
  • I have played with my children every day since they were born
  • I have climbed mountains in the Pyrenees, the Andes, the Alps, the Atlas and the Himalayas
  • I have surfed in Jeffrey’s Bay, Oahu, Big Island, Maui, Kauai, Iceland, Japan, Peru, Puerto Escondido, Uluwatu, Los Locos, El Palmar, Supertubos, Mavericks, Hossegor, Lafitenia, Steamer Lane, Encinitas, Arpoador, Puerto Chicama, Madeira and California
  • I have enjoyed nightlife to the fullest in the company of my friends for many years
  • I have traveled half the world first alone and later in the company of my wife and my children
  • I have enjoyed every day of my life, at work and in my free time

A good traveler has no fixed plans or the intention of arriving.

Lao TsePhilosopher

Some of my travel videos

China, Islandia, Madeira, Boì Taüll, Panticosa, Cantabria,…
Misty China 3:20
Beautiful Iceland 4:48
Epic Cantabria 3:24
Hidden Panticosa 4:16
Magic Boi Taüll 5:46
Green Madeira 3:06

My clients…

About me…

Beyond work, what I am is a family man focused on raising my family and showing them the world as I have had the opportunity to observe it, from close up, … walking, discovering, testing. First only many years and then with Sonia and with my two children many more. I am a very lucky person. I have traveled almost 2 million km, traveling through 60 countries in more than three decades. I have repeated almost all of them, and many several times. I miss my mother, who passed away, she was a flight attendant for Iberia and that’s when the passion to travel the world began. Looking at my father I have learned a lot about the human being, about society, about values, how to live life and how to try to be a good father, like him. I studied Advertising and Public Relations during the day at the Complutense University and at night I learned everything else. Always in the unbeatable company of my friends. I am a lifelong skater, a lifelong ski and a surfer since 2000. I have surfed in Hawaii (Maui, Big Island, Oahu, Kauai), Jeffreys Bay (South Africa), Paul do Mar and Jardim do Mar (Madeira) ), Bali (Indonesia), Iceland, Hossegor, Anchor Point (Morocco), Japan, Arpoador (Brazil), Puerto Chicama (Peru), Costa Rica, Puerto Escondido (Mexico), Supertubos (Portugal) … but I definitely stay with Los Locos (Cantabria) and with El Palmar (Cádiz). I have also climbed mountains in Spain, in the Andes, the Atlas and in the Himalayas. I have a little mud house in an oasis in Egypt, a piece of land in front of the longest left wave in the world in Peru. I am passionate about Asia, especially China, South Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

Envidomas.com founder

My career path…

2004 - Hoy
Founder at 11dos.net + Envidomas.com
1999 - 2004
Creative Director at Digitex (Comdata Group)
1997 - 1999
Web Designer at EDS (Electronic Data Systems)
1996 - 1997
Madrid Airport Ground Personnel
1992 - 1997
Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations (UCM)
1979 - 1992
Santa María del Pilar School
January 1974
Born in Madrid (Spain)

Latest websites…

Web design
Turismo de Valdáliga / Tourism promotion
Web design
Cenevet / Neurological physiotherapy clinic
Web design
Balneario de Panticosa / Spa & Resort
Web design
Estudio Guiber / Interior Design Studio
Web design
Adeslas / Medical Insurance (prototype)


thoroughly traveled by land on several occasions, many of them


Exploring in depth secluded and unique corners of each one


Approximately 1,900,000 kms. tours by land, sea and air

In summary…

“Un viaje de miles de kilómetros empieza con un pequeño paso”

Lao Tse

Do you need valuable and unique information about a specific country for your business or project?

We probably know that country in depth. Write to us and tell us what you need.

For example, in Asia, we know all of South Korea, 90% of the territory of Japan (Honshū, Kyūshū, Shikoku and Hokkaidō), 10 provinces of China in depth (Zhejiang, Anhui, Henan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong), Shanghai Municipalities, Chongqing and Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and furthermore, we have thoroughly traveled Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and all of India in three trips by train through the north, the center and the south. We love Arab countries and their people, … we know many of them … we even have a house made of salt and Kerchief in an oasis in Egypt. Also in a desert in Peru. We have traveled across North America, Central America and South America, several times most of their countries, from Canada to Patagonia. We have made the leap to Hawaii, twice, to Oahu, Kawai, Big Island and Maui. And Madeira. We love going to Iceland, Morocco and South Africa. We have traveled Europe by train, car and bus. From south to north and from west to east. Specifically 28 of their countries. And also Georgia, Turkey and Syria, which we carry in our hearts. And Spain, where we always return.

+ 60 countries


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